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07th Aug 2018

Pomeranian dog looks exactly like Paddington Bear and it’s blowing everybody’s mind


A pomeranian dog has become a viral sensation

Dogs, aye? Pretty cute aren’t they. At least an 8/10 on the cute scale. Sure, it depends on the dog a bit, but what I’m saying is that they’re consistently cute. Objectively so. Very cute.

Which is probably why you clicked the link, isn’t it. You came here to see the cuteness. A dog so cute that it has become a viral sensation. See the thing about this particular pomeranian dog is it looks like one of the only things as consistently cute as a dog – a cuddly bear. And not just any cuddly bear, Paddington Bear.

New York-based artist Kathy Grayson is the owner of pomeranian dog Bertram and having already built up a tidy Instagram following she decided to step things up a notch in terms of followers. She decided to dress the dog up in a red hat and blue duffle coat.

The image received over 50,000 likes and put him up to over 175,000 followers.

Apparently the costume was intended for Halloween but as it arrived early the dog’s owner couldn’t help but dress him up. Obviously, though, he doesn’t have to be wearing a costume to look cute.

You want some photographic proof of that, don’t you? I can tell.

Oh, fine, go on then…