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20th Jul 2018

361 Golden Retrievers had a meet up in Scotland and the pictures will brighten your Friday

James Dawson

They were there to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the first Golden Retrievers being born

It’s easy to be cynical, isn’t it? I mean the world’s a bit of a mess right now. The country is divided between Brexiters and remainers. A reality TV show celebrity still has his hands on America’s nuke codes. England didn’t win the World Cup. As Mrs. Death laughs. As the elevators break. As political landscapes dissolve. Etc, etc.

But, hey, it’s not all bad. There are things that make you smile. People who make life worth living. Small acts of kindness and goodwill. And dogs. Lots and lots of dogs.

Three hundred and sixty-one of which gathered in Scotland recently, all of them Golden Retrievers.

The dogs gathered at Guisachan House, Tomich, Invernessshire to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Golden Retrievers being established as a breed by crossing Nous, a Wavy-coated Retriever, with a Tweed Water Spaniel named Bell.

Ashleigh Baird was there with her dog Chewbacca and her dog’s pooch best friend Buddy. She told “It was such an amazing day. The event was a world breaker – there were 361 goldens there –  as it was a special anniversary.

“There was people there from all over the world and all the dogs behaved so well and loved playing with each other.It’s nice for people to see the doggos.”

Anyway, like she said, it’s nice for people to see dogs, so here are the pictures…

Credit: Instagram