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25th Nov 2023

Couple’s £46 million wedding sparks furious reaction

Charlie Herbert

Couple's £46 million wedding sparks furious reaction


People have been left speechless after a couple spent a reported £46 million on their wedding – and you probably have no idea who they are.

Even the most low-key celebrity weddings are lightyears away from what most of us will experience on our wedding day.

But this couple have really taken the biscuit, with footage of their ultra-expensive special day going viral on TikTok.

The video shows the ceremony taking place in a literal palace, guests sitting down for food in an vast, gold-adorned hall of chandeliers and the first dance taking place in a huge dance hall.

Oh, and they had Maroon 5 as their wedding band.


@Madelaine Day Brockway pure love and magic this weekend celebrating maddie and jacob 🩷 #pariswedding #madelainebrockway

♬ My Love Mine All Mine – Mitski

The couple who put together this mind-boggling wedding was 26-year-old Madelaine Brockway and longtime boyfriend, Jacob LaGrone.

They had spent millions on renting out one France’s most iconic landmarks, the Palace of Versailles, as a wedding venue, flying guests out from the US to Europe, and holding a rehearsal dinner in the Paris Opera House.

So just where have Madelaine and Jacob got all this money from?

Well, Madelaine is from Miami, Florida and is the daughter of Bob Brockway. Bob is the chairman and CEO of Ussery Automative Group – a car company overseeing various Mercedes Benz dealerships in Florida.

For some sort of context about how much money this guy is making, in August made a reported $150 million (£118.9 million) profit by selling just two locations.


Meanwhile, Madelaine’s mum is the Vice President of one of the Mercedes Benz branches.

After seeing footage of the wedding on social media, many have been left shocked and a little bit disgusted by the amount of money spent.

One person commented: “Paris opera house, gardens, stunning decor AND maroon 5 – WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE”

Another said: “Like actually what is the budget for this? 18M? 37M? It’s beyond my brain.”

The couple hired Maroon 5 to soundtrack their wedding (TikTok/sav4president)

Someone else wrote: “You could fix so many things in this world with that kind of money.”

“It is absolutely insane how some humans experience life like this and others have to fight for basic resources,” a fourth said.

And another user wrote: “Even if I was a multi billionaire I wouldn’t waste 59 million dollars in a wedding or anything else for that matter. Much better things to do with that money, like building more hospitals.”

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