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20th Jun 2015

Award-winning baker to open world’s first Cornish pasty drive-through


Many of us have gone to our local drive-through restaurant to pick up a burger and chips or some fried chicken, but something has been missing.

We’ve started to wonder if people have been eavesdropping on our conversations here at JOE towers, as the mythical drive-through Cornish pasty outlet we’ve been talking about for weeks is no longer a pipe-dream.

Marion Symonds, an award-winning baker from Cornwall (where else) revealed plans to ensure pasty fans can enjoy the county’s favourite delicacy without leaving their cars.

“We thought if you stayed in your car and drove through the queues might come here instead of other drive-through restaurants,” Symonds, who was named pasty ambassador at the World Pasty Awards, told the Plymouth Herald.

We’re hungry just thinking about it.