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21st May 2018

Actor that recorded Yanny/Laurel ends debate by revealing what he really said

Now we can finally put this entire shitshow to bed


Yanny? Laurel? Idontcare? Same.

The shittest ViRaL sEnSaTiOn of 2018 can finally be put to bed and it hasn’t come a moment too soon.

An incredibly weak piece of content has surely cursed its way onto your timeline over the past week or so. It’s a very mediocre attempt at highlighting the fact that, please do not scream with terror, some peoples’ ears work differently to others’.

Clearly, CLEARLY the voice is saying Laurel and anyone that hears Yanny is incorrect, but also entitled to state exactly what they hear because we are all unique and tolerant snowflakes at the end of the goddamn day.

Anyway, just to drag this wretched piece of internet division out even longer, the guy who originally recorded the clip has decided to speak out. What can he possibly gain from doing so? Fame? Fortune? Adoration? Free swag? A Google alert once this article goes live? Probably just the latter.

Broadway actor Jay Aubrey Jones spoke to Time, (yes, even Time are in on it now) and revealed that he recorded ‘LAUREL’ for in 2007. Little did he know that a concise eleven years later, people would be debating the frequencies at which their ears vibrate and therefore process sounds differently.

To put this entire shitshow’s ludicrous nature into context, the original tweet asking what people can hear has almost 92,000 retweets, meanwhile the absolute gold that the rest of us are tweeting sits with one single pity like from a primary school friend. The nonsense must stop.

Now that the actual voice of Yanny/Laurel has spoken out and given us a definitive answer, I am hereby banging the communal internet gavel and deeming this the end.

No more. It’s over. The answer is Laurel. We do not need any think pieces about how the whole debacle is actually a class issue because those with expensive headphones are able to hear things better while the rest of us are missing out on life with HD audio. No more. This is it. It’s over. It’s done.

Please, internet, I beg you. Let’s raise our standards and make something decent go viral next time, preferably involving a dog and also maybe another dog.