'Absolute legends' travelled from UK to help Ukrainian refugees reach border safety 5 months ago

'Absolute legends' travelled from UK to help Ukrainian refugees reach border safety

You absolutely love to see it

Two absolute legends from the UK travelled all the way over to Ukraine to help refugees cross the border. Now that's the kind of human spirit you want to see at times like this.


Joseph McCarthy - or @ready2rocklandscaping on TikTok - and his friend Gary decided to fly over to help those fleeing the country get to the border safely and quickly and, much to the inspiration of those online, have been chronicling their journey so far.

In a clip that has now gone viral, Joe and Gaz arrive at a security checkpoint in Ukraine on their way to Odessa when a guard asks for their papers and what they are doing so far from home:

@ready2rocklandscaping #ad rangers or celtic ? #fyp ♬ original sound - Joseph Mccarthy15

As you can see, not only is it a heartwarming exchange in which the pair explains how they are "running around helping people get to borders" but the soldier himself tries to add a bit of levity by asking Scotsman Gary, "Rangers or Celtic"?

The pair go on to explain how, despite having only got to Ukraine from Poland the day before, they had already helped one couple get to the border - before sharing images of the thankful couple to the page:

@ready2rocklandscaping mission completed ? #fyp ♬ Run - Becky Hill & Galantis

As his account name and usual content prior to the Russian invasion clearly indicates, Joe is normally a landscaper by trade but as he explained in his latest video, "we all know what's going on" and, along with mate Gary, the pair decided they wanted to help.

Since that first checkpoint crossing was published, the pair have now found a hotel for a woman, her disabled son and their dog, who are also hoping to evacuate from Odessa and get to safety. They posed an update from in the car on Wednesday, March 2.

@ready2rocklandscaping on root #fyp ♬ original sound - Joseph Mccarthy15

Keep doing what you're doing lads. Brilliant.

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