A Russian-owned yacht is stuck in Norway as oil suppliers refuse to refuel it 4 months ago

A Russian-owned yacht is stuck in Norway as oil suppliers refuse to refuel it

A perfect blend of a practical yet petty protest we can get behind

As sanctions against Russian oligarchs continue to be issued by the UK, EU and various other global powers, a Russian yacht is currently stranded in Norway after local oil suppliers refused to refuel it.


As per The New York Times, the 'Ragnar' superyacht has been moored for several weeks in the port city of Narvik and is now stuck in the north of the Scandinavian territory after those responsible for refuelling the boat simply refused.

The vessel itself is owned by Russian oligarch and known associate of President Putin, Vladimir Strzhalkovsky, a former lieutenant colonel in the KGB who is not currently named on the list of those sanctioned since the Russian invasion began.

Speaking to Norweigan outlet NRK via Raw Story, the ship's captain, Rob Lancaster said “We are a Western crew of 16,  we have nothing to do with the owner.”


Meanwhile, Sven Holmlund, the general manager of Holmlund Oil Service, said he and other suppliers have no sympathy after what the Russians have done in Ukraine, adding: "Why should we help them? They can row home. Or use sails".

This is, of course, not the only Russian vessel to have been seized or impacted by the Russian leader's campaign in Ukraine, as fellow billionaire Alisher Usmanov had his boat taken away as part of numerous sanctions issued earlier this month.

In fact, it is thought that Italy alone has captured more than £118m in property, including multiple yachts, that were lingering in the waters of Sardinia, Lake Como and Tuscany.

As well as Russian yachts and oligarchs being targeted as the world tries to tighten the economic stranglehold on the country, Putin himself has been declared a war criminal for his actions as of March 16.


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