Tesco are selling some big Xbox One games for as little as £3 1 year ago

Tesco are selling some big Xbox One games for as little as £3

Go and hunt these out

Seeking out the reduced items is a real skill. There is an art to knowing when your local supermarket stickers up all the fresh food that is about to go out of date and puts it out at dirt cheap prices. Do it right, and you can walk out with a giant leg of lamb, a prawn sandwich and six tubs of humus for £1.50.

Most of what you expect to get is food though – not video games. However, it appears there could be some Xbox bargains to be had.

Video games journalist Chris Scullion posted on Twitter some pohotos of reduced Xbox One games going for as little as £2.50 at his local Tesco.

Metal Gear Survive was going for £3.12, Dishonored: Death of the Outsider is £2.50, and The Evil Within 2 is £5.50.

He saw the games in the Tesco in Musselburgh in Scotland, but also said he saw bargains in the Herminston Gait, Edinburgh branch.

He says the trick is "not to check the gaming aisles, but the small clearance shelf at the Electronics section (if there is one)".

All these deals seem to be site-specific, so its not like you can just roll down to your local star and pick one up. You've really go to keep and eye out, and snap them up as and when you see them. But it is definitely worth remembering though - a game like Metal Gear Survive was very controversial amongst fans of the series, but for £3.12, it is definitely worth a pop.