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10th Dec 2018

Stranger Things 3 is getting a really cool looking video game tie-in

Wil Jones

All lovingly rendered in beautiful pixel art

Stranger Things 3 is coming soon, and the hype train is now in full flow.

But alongside the trailers, posters and other nuggets of info, a pretty cool spin-off has been revealed: The official Stranger Things 3 video game.

The trailer made its debut at the 2018 Game Awards.

And of course, fitting in with the show’s 1980s setting, the game is a retro throwback. The action is shown from an isometric viewpoint with co-operative gameplay, rendered in lovingly in pixel art. It looks like both Jim Hooper and Joyce will be playable characters.

If we’re being really picky though, it looks more like something from the early 1990s 16-bit era, than when the show is actually set.

Stranger Things 3 is set to be available on XboxOne, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Mac and PC, along with a streamlined version for mobile devices.

This isn’t the first time the series has made it to video games though. In 2017, a free mobile game was released to promote season two. Unlike most free games, however, this was actually really pretty good, being a top-down Zelda style RPG made with a lot of love for both the show and the genre.

Stranger Things title was also in development from adventure game specialists Telltale – this would have been a perfect fit for the property, but sadly it appears to have been cancelled following the studio’s financial troubles.