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16th Feb 2020

Welcome to the world’s first bus stop kebab shop

Wayne Farry

There are certain situations where eating a kebab is normal

We’ve all been there. It’s quite late, we’re on the bus home after spending some time with friends and – too lazy to even consider cooking something nutritious at home – we find ourselves with a warm, fragrant kebab clasped firmly in our grip.

You look down, pull off a bit of the wrapping, tear into it, and invariably end up with some sauce on your face. The bus abruptly stops. You’ve now got sauce and meat on your jeans. Don’t try and clean it o… you already have. Now those jeans need to go in the wash.

But what if we told you there was another way? What if we told you you could combine your two loves – meat and public transport – but enjoy a significantly improved dining experience?

You may call us liars, to which we say “How dare you!”, but to which we also say: “Welcome to Last Stop Kebab”.

Located in North London (the address is 150 Bridport Road, London, N18 1HA for those of you really, really want to try it), Last Stop Kebab is a kebab shop located solely inside an old double decker bus.

How does a bus stop kebab shop work? Are the seats comfy? Is it tasty? We popped over to see, and try out their incredible and enormous Last Stop special.