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12th Sep 2023

Students launch vitamin powder that makes tequila shots taste like water

Jack Peat

FIZZR sachets will set you back £3.95 for a pack of 10

Two university students have launched a new product that promises to make shot drinking a no-pain-all-gain experience – and the reviews suggest it could be the real deal.

Harry Otvos, 22, and Solomon Moryoussef, 21, say they came up with the solution to the ‘age-old problem’ of downing shots after a skip trip in April 2022 when they ran out of mixers on a night out.

“Doing anything to avoid drinking straight vodka, we had to think a bit outside the box”, they told METRO.

“We had on us some vitamin powder sachets intended to be put in water and consumed after skiing to replenish energy levels. We experimented with the powder and realised it made the spirits more tolerable while also providing health benefits.

“From then on, we spent the best part of a year testing different flavours and formulations to create a product that was specifically designed for this purpose – the first of its kind.”

They ended up producing FIZZR, a sachet of powder you pour onto your tongue. As it fizzes and foams in your mouth, you then down your shot. The idea is that FIZZR should conceal the taste of your chosen poison and make it taste like, well, water!

Putting it to the test on TikTok, a number of people backed up the founder’s claims, saying it makes harsh shots completely palatable. “I DIDN’T TASTE THAT” 😳 #camdentown #freshers2023 #fyp #foryou #viralvideo #partytrick #trendingvideos #vitamin #energy #fizzr #carnival #readingfestival ♬ original sound – FIZZR

Others say they usually spit shots straight out but managed to keep them down no problem using this hack.

Turns out miracles do happen! Notting Hill Carnival provided some great reactions 🤣😳 #fyp #foryou #blowthisup #trending #fizzr #carni #nottinghillcarnival #goviral ♬ original sound – FIZZR

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