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24th Apr 2018

So… spaghetti hoops are now considered as part of your five-a-day (yes, really)

A bit of a strange one, but one we won't argue with nonetheless

Olivia Hayes

A bit of a strange one, but one we won’t argue with nonetheless

It can be hard to eat your five-a-day.

Well, not hard as such, but sometimes you just don’t want to be stuffing fruit and veg in your mouth at every opportunity. There are much tastier things than that.

And we’re not saying that spaghetti hoops are the tastiest thing of all… but you know, they’re grand.

They fill you when you need a good feed, and are perfect to line your tummy before you head out for a night of drinking.

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So yeah, grand.

However, spaghetti hoops have ranked up a notch because they’re now considered as part of your five-a-day.

A small can of the stuff is made up of 41 percent of tomatoes. Obviously a fresh tomato or some actual veg is better, but if you’re stuck for time then they’re your next best option.

Dietician Orla Walsh simply said: “Are they the worst thing and you should never eat them? No.”

So basically, while you shouldn’t eat them everyday and think you’re getting in all your recommended fruit and veg, they’re handy if you’re on the run or you need something quick to fill your belly.

We’re not opposed to it.

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