Build your own Quality Street tins are now a thing at John Lewis 3 years ago

Build your own Quality Street tins are now a thing at John Lewis

Quality Street are a Christmas essential

You have no idea where they appear from, but there is always a tin of Quality Street floating about during the Christmas period. In the office, at the Christmas party, on your nan’s sofa. They just appear, and someone has already had all the strawberry ones.


Now there has been a revolution in tinned chocolate technology. Eleven John Lewis stores across the country will unveil these high-tech dispensers, allowing you to select the exact ratio of sweets you want in your tin.


It is already in operation at the London store on Oxford Street, and in October it will also be coming to Bluewater, Cambridge, Cheadle, Cribbs Causeway, Glasgow, High Wycombe, Kingston-Upon-Thames, Liverpool, Trafford and White City.

The 1.2kg tins cost £12 – with is about £5 more than a regular tin at this size. But surely it is worth it to customise your Quality Street experience.

Debbie Bowen, Senior Brand Manager for Quality Street said: “Everybody’s got a favourite Quality Street sweet and an opinion on which is the best, so providing a pick and mix option, for the very first time, could spell the end of that particular Christmas debate.


“This is a very exciting move for us and for Quality Street. We’ve been part of Christmas for more than 80 years and over that time we have had so many requests from people for a chance to create their own bespoke tin! It’s finally here and we’re delighted.”