Nando’s has a new summer menu, and it looks damn good 5 years ago

Nando’s has a new summer menu, and it looks damn good

Cheeky Nando’s, anyone?

From next Tuesday (May 17), these are the new items that will feature in the chicken chain's summer menu.



The new additions to the menu cover pretty much every base, with a platter for the big feed, a salad for a healthy option, a chocolate brownie for dessert, a new dressing for an extra kick and a range of spritzers to wash it all down.

(And if you're trying to be good, here's our guide to eating clean at Nando's).

Fino Platter


This is a sharing platter for two (in theory - we're pretty sure we could make a decent stab at this all on our ownsome), and it includes an entire spatchcock PERi-PERi chicken served with sweet potato wedges, Fino coleslaw and the Supergrain side. It also comes with chargrilled veg, PERi-buttered corn and a chargrilled lemon to marinate the chicken.


Supergrain Salad



This is the option for when you're on your good eating behaviour. It comprises wheat berry, freekah, edamame, cannellini beans, quinoa, green beans, kale, barley and avocado. There's an avocado buttermilk dressing as well.

PERi-PERi Chocolate and Salted Caramel Brownies



PERi-PERi, chocolate and salted caramel? Won't need to ask us twice.

Vinho Spritzers



There are three options: white wine mixed with lemonade, lemon, lime and mint; rosé with lemonade, raspberries, lime mint; and Red wine spritzed with lemonade, raspberries, orange and cinnamon.