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20th Nov 2023

People hail ‘transformative’ next generation air fryer that can even cook things ‘too quickly’

People hail 'transformative' next generation air fryer that can even cook things 'too quickly'

‘I haven’t used the oven since this purchase’

They’re the must-have kitchen appliance that everyone’s been talking about for what feels like decades – the air fryer.

It’s easy to see why they’ve become so popular. The air fryer is energy-efficient, practical, versatile (although not everything should be cooked in there) and a much healthier alternative to traditional frying.

But what if we told you there was an even better version?

The COSORI Air Fryer TurboBlaze is up to 46 per cent faster than other models, and can be used for baking, roasting, dehydrating, defrosting, reheating, proofing and keeping food warm.

In a review of the TurboBlaze for DevonLive, Shannon Hards praised the product for being quieter than standard air fryers, easy to use and for its “very spacious” 6L capacity.

The TurboBlaze produced “perfectly crisp” chicken burgers and chips, with Hards adding: “The chips were absolutely cooked to my taste but I think I could have even shaved a few minutes off my cooking time if I was in a rush or super hungry and they’d still have been delightful.”

Hards concluded: “I’ve since tried a few more recipes including homemade chips and toasted sandwiches and have been really impressed with the results. This air fryer is perfect for anyone looking for an easy-to-use machine, which saves money and time.”

On Amazon, where the TurboBlaze has a rating of 4.8 stars out of five from 120 reviews, dozens of people have also said how impressed they were.

One person wrote: “The design is superb being square it fits well on the work surface. It has a huge tray, on the second time of using we cooked a medium size chicken – it turned out so juicy and succulent and the veg was well cooked too.”

Another said: “It is far more than I ever thought I would be getting in an airfryer and have found very quick and good at cooking Mediterranean veg and chicken bits.

“I have even used it as a proving drawer for making bread! It’s also not as big as I thought taking up no more side space than my toaster yet it’s big enough inside to fit enough food for a family of 4! Nice and easy to clean too.

“Great kitchen gadget, would definitely recommend!”

And someone else said they “haven’t used the oven since purchase.”

The COSORI Air Fryer TurboBlaze is available to buy on Amazon for £119.99* and you can read DevonLive’s full review of the COSORI Air Fryer TurboBlaze here.

*Price correct at time of writing.

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