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22nd Oct 2018

Full sized Oreo Crème Eggs are coming to the UK

Wil Jones

Christmas is months away, and we’re already thinking about Easter

Crème Eggs are a British institution, a chocolate favourite, who’s appearance on store shelves indicate that Easter is on its way. They can also be deep-fried, if you are into that sort of thing.

Oreos, on the other hand, are quintessentially American. White, sugary crème, squished between two chocolate cookies, they are as an iconic piece of Americana as Elvis or a radically unfair healthcare system.

(Ok, they do have Crème Eggs in the US, but they are made but Hersheys, so it’s completely different.)

Anyway, we are here to inform you that Oreo and Crème Eggs are being mushed together (not literally) in order to bring us Oreo Crème Eggs – and they are coming to the UK.

A mini version of the Oreo Crème Egg has been available in British sovereign territory before, in a Mini Egg style bag. But this is the first time we’ve been able to get one the same size as the OG Crème Egg.

It is like a regular Crème Egg, but filled with the white Oreo crème, and little bits of Oreo biscuit.

Just like the normal, it’ll go on sale in January, and be available until Easter.

According to trade publication The Grocer, “The egg will land two years after national newspapers erroneously claimed a UK launch was happening”.

They have already been available in Canada, if you can’t wait till the new year, and fancy a quick flight across the Atlantic.