Nando's are adding limited edition extra, extra hot Peri-Peri sauce 8 months ago

Nando's are adding limited edition extra, extra hot Peri-Peri sauce

Dare you step up and take the challenge?

Where do you lie on the Nando's scale? What level of sauce do you go for? Do you play it safe with Lemon & Herb or Medium, or do you go straight for extra hot?


Well, things are about to get a bit hotter and more dangerous for chicken enthusiasts. Nando's is launching a special extra, extra hot sauce, called the VUSA XX Hot . But you will have to be quick, as it is only available for a limited time.

The chicken chain is calling it their "hottest spice yet".

Now, proper Nando's heads might be saying "Wait, didn't they already do an extra, extra hot sauce that you could buy in supermarkets?" And yes, they did. But this is different. The VUSA XX Hot is even hotter than that apparently, and only available in restaurants.

Of course, at the moment, Nando's are not open for dine-in due to lockdown. But there are open for takeaway and delivery, so you can get your hit of VUSA XX Hot straight to your door. Or walk down to your local restaurant to pick it up.

When you go through to order your chicken on the Nando's website, you come to the section where you pick your spice - and that's where you can go for the VUSA XX Hot, if you dare.


While the food they serve is inspired by Portuguese cuisine, the first Nando's actually opened its first branch in South Africa in 1987. The first branch in the UK opened in 1992, and there are now over 300 across the country.