M&Ms are releasing a new range of chocolate bars in five flavours 1 year ago

M&Ms are releasing a new range of chocolate bars in five flavours

Big, big news in the chocolate world

So M&Ms have decided to flip the script and launch five new chocolate bars, set to hit shelves - and mouths, and freshly ironed, crisp white t-shirts - this December.

The flavours, unfortunately, are nothing new as the Fab Five are: classic milk chocolate, peanut, crispy, mint and almond. But just like Milhouse once said of Alf: M&Ms are back... but in bar form!

Image courtesy of Mars

In other news, the iconic circular chocolate disc brand, or whatever they are, are announcing the launch of a brand new 'Hazelnut Spread' bag which is basically just Nutella M&Ms without the potential lawsuits.

Allison Miazga-Bedrick, M&M's senior brand director said: "We're excited to debut M&M's Chocolate Bars and know that our M&M's fans and chocolate bar lovers alike will appreciate the delicious taste that comes from our rich and creamy chocolate.

"We're equally passionate for the launch of M&M'S Hazelnut Spread Chocolate Candies next year. We're thrilled to deliver this new flavor with color and fun, in a way that only M&M'S can."

Image courtesy of Mars

Still nothing quite like hearing an American refer to chocolate as 'candy' is there? It's enough to make your testicles retract back upside you.

Spelling 'flavor' and 'color' like that as well. Eugh.

Let's just all have some M&Ms, crispy, definitively the single best type of M&M, and forget all about it.