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30th Sep 2017

‘Millionaire’s bacon’ is the new food craze everyone’s talking about and it looks INTENSE

Would you try this?

Jade Hayden

Notions, lads.

You’ve heard of regular bacon. You’ve even heard of rashers, bacon’s Irish cousin who’s a little bit more crooked and a lot more greasy.

There’s nothing better than waking up on a weekend morning and smelling the delicious scent of a few strips being cooked on the pan.

(Unless like me, you’re a vegetarian and that smell still makes your mouth water while somehow simultaneously making your stomach turn.)

Either way, bacon’s a household favourite. And it’s about to get a whole lot posher.

‘Millionaire’s bacon’ is like bacon but far more intense.

Instead of being quite thin, millionaire’s bacon is cut to be up to half an inch thick.

Instead of being cheap as chips, millionaire’s bacon is actually selling for about $7 per strip.

Instead of being fried up quick in a pan, millionaire’s bacon is slow-cooked for a few hours.

In fact, millionaire’s bacon is actually more of a “bacon steak”… or at least that’s according to Steven Hoyul Choi, owner of the Sweet Maple restaurant in San Francisco.

According to Choi, millionaire’s bacon has been driving customers into his popular brunch spot.

And people don’t even seem to mind the high (extortionate) prices he’s selling it for.

We have to admit though, it does look pretty tasty.