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15th Oct 2023

McDonald’s makes major menu change – and furious fans accuse chain of ‘stealing their happiness’


‘How dare McDonald’s dictate what drinks I have or don’t’

Fanta and Oasis fans are reportedly a bit frustrated at McDonald’s after the fast food chain switched to sugar-free versions of the drinks.

McDonald’s said the move, in all its UK and Ireland restaurants, would offer customers was part of its “commitment” to offers customers “more balanced choices”.

The Sun reported that fans of full-strength Fanta were peeved. One wrote on X: “How dare McDonald’s dictate what drinks I have or don’t.”

Another added: “Please keep Oasis full sugar, this zero s*** is stealing my happiness.”

The newspaper quoted Tam Fry, chair of the National Obesity Forum, as welcoming the news which is said to equate to sugar being downsized from the McDonald’s menu to the tune of 2,515 tons annually.

“Hopefully we will soon have a population who will only drink zero sugar or low sugar drinks and the sugary versions will soon be a thing of the past.

“There will be a lot of people who won’t like this as they adore their sugary drinks, but the removal of sugar will make a great number of people healthier.”

While a medium Fanta Orange has 18g of sugar and 76 calories, the zero version has just four.

The same-size Oasis has 17g of sugar and 67 calories. The light-version, Summer Fruits Zero has 2g of sugar and 12 calories.

Meanwhile, coke remains unchanged, with McDonald’s saying it will continue selling Coca-Cola Classic. It has 42g of sugar.

McDonald’s said: “As part of our ongoing commitment to offer our customers more balanced choices, we started transitioning from Fanta Orange and Oasis Summer Fruits to Fanta Orange Zero and Oasis Zero Summer Fruits across all restaurants in the UK and Ireland from September.

“Restaurants will clearly display signage when the changes are taking place, and we will continue to provide options such as Coca-Cola Classic and Irn-Bru (Scotland only).

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