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02nd Feb 2018

McDonald’s is doing a three-course meal for Valentine’s Day

Know anyone that’s lovin’ it?

Certain people believe that the best way to someone’s heart is through his stomach but if you’re too lazy/broke to put any effort into your romantic plans, why not let Ronald McDonald help you out?

Yep, nothing says ‘you’re my soulmate’ quite like the image of a scary-ass clown looking at you while you devour your chicken nuggets. See, that’s the rom-com that Julia Roberts didn’t make.

Anyways, if you reckon that romance is on the menu and you fancy making your partners heart (Mc)flurry, then why not let McDonald’s set the, erm, romantic mood.

Screw it, even if you’re single then why not grab your mates and get stuck into a share box of 20 chicken nuggets instead. Hell, it’s better than being ripped off by some swanky restaurant in town that’s taking advantage of romantic saps minds by overcharging them

If you fancy some McDonald’s on Valentine’s Day then their special romantic menu looks something like this:

Cheese melts, chicken nuggets, or carrot sticks for starters.

A choice of burger, fillet-o-fish, or veggie burger for the main.

And some sort of dessert to finish.

Sadly for all you burger lovers romantic hearts, this offer is only available in Newcastle’s Metrocentre but who knows, hope springs eternal.

For anyone that’s interested, the site has provided a few more details:

“Book a table for you and your loved one this McValentine’s Day right here on Northumberland Street, we are going all out providing the most romantic dining experience in history.  We are offering 3 courses of McValentine’s perfection for £20 per couple. Choose to start your experience at 7pm, 8pm or 9pm.”

Truth be told, it’s what Cupid wants.