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25th Aug 2022

McDonald’s is bringing back Spicy McNuggets with new and improved recipe

Kieran Galpin

McDonald's is bringing back Spicy McNuggets with new and improved recipe

Don’t walk, run

McDonald’s has announced that Spicy McNuggets will once again appear on its menu and are reportedly spicier than usual thanks to a brand new recipe.

The modern twist on a Maccies favourite was first introduced back in 2019, prompting thousands of Brits to queue for hours in the hopes of getting a nugg’ or two. Fans of the nuggets have prayed for their return ever since, and it appears that someone is listening because they are coming back to UK restaurants on September 7!

The nuggets come in the standard McDonald’s sizes, those being six, nine or 20 pieces, and come with a spicier than ever chilli dip. The new crispy coating is said to include aged cayenne and chilli pepper, so make sure you get a large drink.

If you’re a little underwhelmed by the news, perhaps hoping for the McRib instead, then you’ll hopefully be pleased to know that McDonald’s Monopoly is also returning on September 7. The featured menu items included in the competition will be the McPlant, Big Tasty, Mozzarella Dippers, Mars and Twix McFlurrys and the Spicy McNuggets.


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This year’s prizes are bigger than ever, and winners could receive everything from a holiday abroad to £100,000 cash. The standard MINI is also up for grabs, as is a McDonald’s Gold Card that entitles the winner to one free meal a week.

Reacting to the momentous occasion on Twitter, one fan wrote: “They’re already overseas and they’re great.”

Another said: “The spicy McNuggets are 10/10.”

Others were far more excited about Monopoly, with one user on Instagram writing: “Kay we’re going to be eating a lot of McDonald’s soon.”

“You’re not prepared for the number of sprite trips we are going to be doing,” another said.

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