McDonald's confirms the Big Tasty burger is coming back 1 year ago

McDonald's confirms the Big Tasty burger is coming back

The Big Tasty is back, baby!

In these dark times, you have to take happiness where you can find it, which is why we're delighted to inform you that McDonald's is bringing back the Big Tasty for a limited time from tomorrow.


The iconic burger will be on UK McDonald's menus from Wednesday 30th December, but it's only gonna be available for six weeks, so you'd best get your skates on if you wanna tuck in.


"One of McDonald’s best loved menu items will be available with or without bacon," the fast food giant said in a press release.

"Made with fresh 100% British and Irish beef, melty cheese made with Emmental, topped with tomato, lettuce, slivered onions and lashings of Big Tasty sauce, all on a sesame seed bun.

"As the name says – it’s big, it’s tasty, and only available for 6 weeks - so hurry up if you want to get your hands on one."


Alongside the return of the Big Tasty, McDonald's are also ushering in some exciting additions to the menu, most notably the Katsu Curry Chicken McNuggets.

They're the classic McDonald's nugs you know and love, but with a crispy Katsu Curry panko breadcrumb coating, served up with a Sweet Curry dip.

As if that wasn't enough, the limited edition Galaxy Salted Caramel McFlurry is also making a return, in both mini and full sizes.

"The perfect combination of soft dairy ice cream with pieces of creamy Galaxy chocolate and a swirl of caramel sauce means it is a very popular choice," say McDonald's.


"So make sure you can get one while it is available for 6 weeks."

Here's what you'll be paying for each of these treats:

  • The Big Tasty - £5.99
  • The Big tasty with Bacon - £6.39
  • 6 Katsu Curry Chicken McNuggets - £3.59
  • 9 Katsu Curry Chicken McNuggets - £4.09
  • 20 Katsu Curry Chicken McNuggets Sharebox - £5.99
  • Galaxy Salted Caramel McFlurry - £1.39
  • Galaxy Salted Caramel McFlurry Mini - £0.99