McDonald's is bringing a Big Mac with bacon to the UK for the first time 3 years ago

McDonald's is bringing a Big Mac with bacon to the UK for the first time

The giant Grand Big Mac is back as well

How did it take this long? Seriously?


McDonald's have announced that a Big Mac with Bacon is coming to the UK for the very first time.

It is apparently the first time the Big Mac has been changed in the UK since the burger's creation all the way back in 1968 (variants have been released in other countries, including a BLT Big Mac in New Zealand and Australia, and a Chicken Big Mac in the Middle East).

Yes, maybe you shouldn't mess with a classic - but all they are doing is adding bacon, so we approve.


But that's not all - remember the giant Grand Big Mac, the massive version that was introduced for the Big Mac's 50th anniversary last year? Well, that is coming back as well. And so is the Mac Jr, the smaller version that was also released, though why you would want a smaller Big Mac, we don't know.

And, at the risk of sounding like an infomercial - BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE: McDonald's are also doing bacon versions of the Grand Big Mac and Mac Jr.

The official descriptions for each burger read:

  • Big Mac Bacon: The iconic burger, made from TWO all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, sandwiched between a three-piece sesame seed bun and NOW bacon (RRP: £3.09 – burger only)
  • Limited-edition Mac Jr Bacon™: Made with the all same iconic ingredients (with one less patty), the Mac Jr.™ is smaller than a Big Mac®, but just as tasty and finished with bacon. (RRP: £2.29 – burger only)
  • Limited-edition Grand Big Mac Bacon™: With the same Big Mac® much loved ingredients, the Grand Big Mac™ offers the one-of-a-kind taste you love in a larger size with a bacon addition (RRP: £4.09 – burger only)

Your January health kick is officially over.