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13th Oct 2022

McDonald’s adds permanent burger to menu for first time in 15 years

Steve Hopkins

The McCrispy is available from October 19 and is £6.49 as part of an extra-value deal

McDonald’s has unveiled a new item and it’s been permanently added to its menu.

The burger – the McCrispy – is set to hit restaurants next week and is the first permanent chicken burger the fast food chain has launched in 15 years. It follows the grilled chicken burger in 2007.

The burger has been branded “game-changer” by the chain who claim it is the “crispiest, crunchiest chicken burger out there”.

The McCrispy, which is available from October 19, is made with 100 per cent chicken breast fillet, and is marinated in black pepper and cayenne. It’s topped with McDonald’s classic mayonnaise with added cracked black pepper and a savoury roasted chicken flavour to give it a “fancy” and “umami” tase.

The chicken is served in a 4-inch artisan glazed bun, that has a “sweet nutty toasted flavour”.

When paired with fries and a drink as part of the extra-value deal, a McCrispy burger will cost £6.49.

The burger becomes available a day after McDonald’s Monopoly prize giveaway ends on October 18.

TV presenter Maya Jama, who was recently revealed to be taking over from Laura Whitmore on ITV reality series Love Island, has been announced as the face of the new burger and will feature in an advert for it, along with several other famous faces, including comedian Leigh Francis, rapper Michael Dapaah and gamer Elz the Witch.

The ad will air from next week.

Jama said of the McCrispy: “I love a chicken burger and am a self-confessed chicken connoisseur, so when I found out Macies was launching this new burger, I had to get involved.”

The burger received widespread praise after it was tried by consumers in various locations across Ireland and the Midlands.

One user wrote: “I have a dream and that dream is a filet o fish bun double mccrispy with big mac sauce.”

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