Man explains why storing baked beans upside down is the 'right' way 8 months ago

Man explains why storing baked beans upside down is the 'right' way

You've been storing beans wrong your whole life, you idiot

Stop what you're doing. Forget Piers Morgan and Meghan Markle, this may be the most important thing you read today.


In a revolutionary video posted on TikTok by the account @sockformation, there seems to be a simple answer to avoiding the annoyance of beans getting stuck to the bottom of the can.

In the video shared by the account, which is run by a man called Tim, the can is shown (shockingly) stored upside down in the cupboard, before cutting to a clip of them being emptied with remarkable ease into a saucepan. No fuss, no sauce splash-back and crucially no scraping of the can with a spoon to get the final few beans that refuse to budge.

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It goes without saying that people were amazed. One commented: "100% it is the greatest hack ever." Another went as far to say that this "could be a game changer to all tinned foods in our home."

But, as is always the way nowadays, the video had its critics. Some said that they simply would not be able to allow themselves to store cans upside down because of their need for order and neatness. Others argued that you could simply just open the can from the bottom, avoiding all upside down storage faff. However in the case of Tim's baked beans there is a convenient ring pull on the top, therefore making it much easier to open from the top than bottom. What a minefield.

Of course TikTok has proven to be a haven of genius ideas and life hacks throughout lockdown, providing entertainment for us all as we count down to the next step of lockdown restrictions easing. The amazement and awe at a video like this reminds us that we really need to get back outside. But have some beans on toast first.