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11th Jan 2017

We might have been wrong about the shape of Monster Munch this entire time

They might not be monster claws at all?

Alex Finnis

Is there anything more British than a bag of pickled onion Monster Munch? Probably loads of things, like telephone boxes and the Queen, but you can’t eat those, which means Monster Munch are about as good as it gets.

They were even voted the world’s best crisp in Richard Osman’s Twitter “World Cup of Crisps” last year, beating off stiff competition from Wotsits in the final.

So yeah, we fucking love Monster Munch, but now it’s starting to look like we might have been fundamentally wrong about a very important part of our favourite corn snacks this entire time – their shape.

Monster Munch are little monster claws, right? That’s just what they are. We’ve always thought that, and there’s no reason to think any different, yeah?



This Facebook post from Danny Mcfarlane is blowing people’s minds, by saying that they might not be claws, they could actually be little monsters with big arms and heads.


People are pretty shaken up by it.


You’re probably thinking right now that this is just a coincidence. They do look like little monsters, but that doesn’t mean they’re not still meant to be claws. Nothing to worry about, right?



See, when you look at the Wikipedia page for Monster Munch, it says THIS:

That’s right, according to Wikipedia: “Monster Munch are a baked corn snack aimed at children that are shaped like an upside down monster with long arms”.

This shit just got real (also, fuck you Wikipedia with your “aimed at children” rubbish, I am a grown adult and I will eat Monster Munch whenever I please).

However, on the bags themselves, the pictures of the crisps all look like they’re claw-way up, though it doesn’t actually say on them what shape they’re meant to be. WHAT IS THE TRUTH?


So what’s the answer? Are they claws? Are they little monsters? Vote in our poll, because that’s the only way we can settle this.

We’re also reaching out to Walkers themselves to see if they can shed any light on this, the biggest story of 2017 so far.