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24th Apr 2018

John Terry went to David Luiz’s birthday party dressed as the Honey Monster

It's a sight to behold

Reuben Pinder

Today, in ‘Photos You Never Thought You’d See’…

John Terry might be plying his trade at Aston Villa these days, but he’s still Chelsea through and through. He made plenty of strong friendships during his time at Chelsea and still finds time to jump on a train to London and celebrate the birthdays of his dearest former teammates.

One of those is David Luiz. Together, Terry and Luiz formed a partnership that had everything. While Luiz charged out like a white walker, Terry would sweep up behind him. It’s no surprise they remained such good mates when their playing styles were so complementary.

David Luiz recently turned 31 on Sunday, and JT couldn’t miss out on the celebrations. Not when it’s a fancy dress party.

The party included Asmir Begović, former back-up keeper at Chelsea, dressed as Tom Brady; David Luiz, obviously, dressed as a Roman solider; and John Terry, dressed as… the honey monster.

The honey monster, famous mascot of breakfast cereal ‘Honey Monster Puffs’, previously known as ‘Sugar Puffs’ (I know, me neither), was Terry’s outfit of choice for reasons that are unclear.

Firstly, that mask will give kids nightmares. Secondly, surely it’s very uncomfortable?

But fair play to him for completing the outfit, wearing the trademark red tracksuit top and blue jeans.