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12th Oct 2022

John Terry criticises Roy Keane for refusing fan selfie in deleted tweet

Lee Costello

‘I think this is poor.’

John Terry has criticised Roy Keane in a now deleted tweet for refusing to take a selfie with a fan during an American football game.

The clip of the former Manchester United captain turning down the fan’s request for a selfie did the rounds on social media, and in fairness to the Irishman, he did appear to tell the spectator that he was watching the match and that he would oblige afterwards.

Laura Woods, who was covering the Green Bay Packers and New York Giants game in London, tweeted the clip stating that it was “My favourite part of Sunday. Don’t ask Roy for a selfie at a game.”

However, former Chelsea captain and Premier League legend, John Terry, replied to the tweet and didn’t agree with Keane’s actions.

“It takes 2 seconds to have a picture with the fans. I think this is poor.”

The tweet was soon deleted, but not before many fans saw and replied, sharing their own options on the matter.

John Terry criticises Roy Keane

Keane himself has always been very open about his dislike for being in the public eye, and all of the attention it brings.

Speaking to his former teammate Gary Neville on the Overlap podcast, the Irishman explained why.

“There’s nothing worse than people coming up to you, but listen, people can be polite too. However, sticking a phone into your face or following you with a camera is not on.

John Terry criticises Roy Keane

“If you said ‘no’ to their request, people would then think you’re rude. I’d be going, ‘I’m the rude one? You’re coming up to me with a phone?'”

“There are really good fans. I bumped into a United fan who showed me his tattoo and he just said, ‘Alright’ and walked on.

“I was thinking, ‘that’s a proper fan’. People who invade your privacy with a phone or jersey, I think they’re just annoying.”

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