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25th Sep 2022

Hundreds of people queue after fish and shop serve portions for just 45p

Jack Peat

It’s the price their first branch charged in 1972

Hundreds of people queued for hours after a fish and shop served portions for just 45p – the price their first takeaway charged in 1972.

Mother Hubbard’s chip shop opened a new branch in Sheffield this morning.

The 45p meals created a massive queue stretching though one of Sheffield’s busiest main roads, from 10.30am yesterday.

The owners launched in Bradford in 1972 and wanted to charge what they did back then.

It was opened by Coronation Street favourites, Stan and Hilda Ogden.

The website says a standard portion of fish and chips is normally £8.75

The deal is available to the first 1,000 customers but staff at the shop have said they’re determined to make sure everyone in the queue gets something to eat.

Tables inside the shop have been completely laden with bags of food ready for customers to buy.

Head chef Chris Farnell said: “We are doing this to give something to the community and this is a great way to introduce ourselves and meet our customers.”

The mammoth queue started at 10.30am – half an hour before the shop opened its doors – with Tom Watson, 25, being the first in line for the cheap meal.

Tom, from Lowedges, Sheffield, said: “I saw a friend had posted it on Facebook and I thought why not.

“We are getting 45p fish and chips which is amazing especially with the cost of living at the moment.”

Another customer Daniel Gibbons, 60, of Charnock, Sheffield, said: “I think it’s been a really good idea. It brings in interest.

“I am quite familiar with this area and a lot of businesses fail because of their location but this should put these guys on the map.”

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