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17th Apr 2020

How to take your bacon and egg sandwich to the next level


If you eat meat, you probably love a bacon sandwich

There are few things better than popping to a cafe, ordering a pot of tea or a coffee, and a bacon and egg sandwich. The marriage of bacon and egg is one of the most perfect culinary combinations there is, and it shows in the taste.

The salty bacon, a runny egg…….. sorry, briefly salivated while daydreaming there.

But with coffee shops and cafes closed you’ll have to settle for your own pitiful attempts at making a nice bacon and egg sarnie, right? WRONG.

Thanks to the good and talented people at Le Swine, you can easily make a luxury bacon and egg sandwich in your own kitchen. Their DIY kit provides you with all the necessary equipment for a pristine sandwich that you won’t soon forget.

To get your own Le Swine DIY kit, click here.