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08th Jan 2020

How to make the ultimate steak sandwich


Everyone loves a sandwich

Sandwiches are probably the most basic type of food you can eat, aside from simply picking up a slice of ham, a tomato, or a head of lettuce and eating them themselves.

It is an item, or a number of items, between two slices of bread, and it is great.

Aside from your staples of chip, ham, sausage or fish finger, one of the best kinds of sandwiches if you’re a meat-eater is the fabled steak sandwich.

It takes the elegant steak and adds to it delicious and sultry onions, crisp, refreshing lettuce and, well, some kind of bread. But as with anything in the culinary world, there is a difference between a steak sandwich and a brilliant steak sandwich.

That’s why we went to The Eagle, a pub in Farringdon, to find out how you make the ultimate steak sandwich. Enjoy, and for God’s sake try not to drool all over your phone screen.