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11th Aug 2018

A huge halloumi burger is being sold by Burger King and it needs releasing in the UK as soon as possible


It’s only being sold in Sweden at the moment

From their proven better quality of life to their more liberal political attitudes, there’s a lot to envy about Sweden as a Brit. But, if you didn’t think you could grow any greener in your attitude towards our Scandanavia brothers, then you’d be wrong.

It turns out that Burger King has begun selling fried halloumi burgers in Sweden and it’s going to make you want to book at flight to Stockholm as soon as you possibly can.

The burger is known as the “Halloumi King”, and it’s a burger and a half. I mean, just look at the thing…

Sadly, it doesn’t seem like there are any plans to sell the burger in the UK, although grilled cheese fans fear not as Spoons is at least stepping it up when it comes to halloumi.

Wetherspoons – everyone’s favourite affordable pub chain – are now doing Halloumi fires. They come with sweet chilli sauce and fresh rocket and what’s more, they cost just £3.10.