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06th Jan 2017

17 fucked-up pizzas that are an insult to pizza

This is not pizza. This is an abomination.

Rich Cooper

1. I have seen the face of sadness and now my heart is cold and withered.

Photo: jayrod422

2. This pizza is made with a cauliflower base and I want to smash it with my fists.

Photo: etevian

3. You didn’t know pizza could catch the bubonic plague, did you?

Photo: @ysamrod

4. Pizza is pizza and salad is salad, and never the twain shall meet.

Photo: @averagejosh

5. This is the kind of disaster that celebrities hold telethons for. Please, give generously, so that others may be spared this horror.

Photo: @AnaGBonita

6. Go away, broccoli. No one wants you here.

Photo: @bchristiandavis

7. What kind of monster cuts their pizza into squares?

Photo: @collett7

8. What did we say about salad? At least put some cheese on it.

Photo: @nidaaaznam

9. REAL cheese, that is.

Photo: Cheddar_Shreddar 

10. Yo, when I said ‘just ham’ you weren’t meant to take me literally.

Photo: KevinSchenk

11. Get this fusion shit out of my face.

Photo: Formulagolf

12. This is what passes for pizza in high school. You’d expect better in prison.

Photo: thats_illuminati

13. Hipsters have done some good things for food culture. Oblong pizzas with shitty toppings and no cheese served on a plank of wood is not one of them.

Photo: @gmsimpPE

14. Sorry man, the pizza guy puked on your order.

Photo: @elduche00

15. Onion rings? Check. Weird green shit? Check. Served on a giant rich tea biscuit? Check.

Photo: @emilouwhite

16. Nothing wrong with olives and peppers on a pizza, but not like this. Not like this

Photo: @agooslove

17. “Shit, I forgot to put the ham on.”

Photo: @Victorliv17