Chippy tea pizza is now a thing 1 year ago

Chippy tea pizza is now a thing

If there's one thing Brits love doing, it is smashing together two different types of takeaway to make one new, all-powerful, supertakeaway

As someone from London, I’ve never fully understood the concept of a ‘Chippy Tea’. Like, obviously, a good chip shop is something to be treasured, and I’m definitely not against mushy peas or a battered sausage either. But what defines a ‘Chippy Tea’, exactly? Our Northern colleagues won’t shut up about it though, and I am willing to be taught the secret ways of it.

(It’s not ‘tea’ though, it’s dinner. Dinner is the evening meal, and I’m not budging on that).

Anywaaaay, it is an important part of British food culture, and if there’s one thing we love doing with a certain type of food in Britain, it's mashing it together with another type of food.

That is what the mad scientists at North West-based pizza chain Crazy Pedros, who have locations in Manchester and Liverpool, have gone and done. They have spliced together the DNA of both Northern and Italian cuisine to produce (probably) the world’s first Chippy Tea pizza.

Chippy Tea

The crazy concoction has mushy peas, sausages, chips and curry sauce all on top of a regular pizza base.

Chippy Tea

“The idea came from the age-old question when your ‘mam’ asks if you want to go to the chippy for tea,”  Crazy Pedros told us. “So we took the best of the old British classic tradition and put it on a pizza!”

Chippy Tea

The Chippy Tea pizza costs £15 – or £10 during happy hour – and is available throughout September.