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10th Jul 2024

Cadbury is on the hunt for a professional chocolate tester

Zoe Hodges

When can we start?

A dream job has just been advertised at Cadbury’s as the iconic confectioner seeks a ‘chocolate taster’.

Mondelez International, the company that owns the British chocolatier has advertised for the role which will see one lucky applicant paid to sample their products.

The candidate will be employed to sample a variety of treats from brand new chocolate bars to biscuits and bites from sharing bags.

Cadbury UK announced the role on their Instagram page on Sunday July 7th, just in time for World Chocolate Day.

The post read: “As it’s World Chocolate Day, we are giving you the unique opportunity to become a Chocolate Taster! Think you can tick all the boxes?”

The job description lists several desirable qualities including a fervent interest in food, excellent communication skills, a knack for honest critique and an enthusiasm for trying innovative confections. The job is part-time offering just eight hours per week.

Fans of the chocolate company flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts with one joking: “I guess someone has to do it. Very tempted.”

Another said: “I would love to be a chocolate taster,” whilst another declared it their “dream job”.

One customer shared a nostalgic tale about their mum’s experience at the company: “When my mum was a child, she was a chocolate taster for Cadbury. They sent her chocolates in the post, and she had to write about them. She still has the certificate.”

The company warned applicants that any dietary restrictions may disqualify them as product testing includes items containing dairy, gluten and nuts.

It’s not the first time such a role has been advertised as the firm previously hired tasters to work with their team in Wokingham.

This time the successful applicant will work at Mondelez International’s site in Bournville, Birmingham.