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07th Oct 2021

Cadbury is launching its first vegan chocolate bar

Kieran Galpin


Cadbury has apologised for the delay

Cadbury has announced the launch of its first-ever vegan chocolate bar while apologising for it taking so long.

There’s no more looking across the pond with jealousy as Cadbury’s new addition will launch in the UK first. It is not known if it will be released in other countries, so perhaps the UK is a testing ground for the tasty treat.

The bars are made with cocoa, almond paste, and rice extract.

The Cadbury plant bar will be launched in two flavours, signature smooth chocolate, and salted caramel pieces.

“Dear plant-based Britain, we’re sorry. Sorry it’s taken this long,” Cadbury said in the announcement.

“Sorry, it seemed like we weren’t listening to your calls, sorry for not being able to respond to the rumours. And sorry for all the other chocolate you’ve had to eat while you wait.”

This new bar will be available in Sainsbury’s from November and will be launched nationwide at all major supermarkets and corner shops in January. The 90g bar will cost £2.50.

Though a lot of social media users are rejoicing at the new instalment to the Cadbury family, others are concerned with the ethical sourcing of ingredients.

“It’s the most cynical and awful ‘development’ of a product. Unsustainable. Fair wages to cocoa farmers too? No chance. Slavery free procurement? No chance. Bandwagon jump? Hell yeah. Well pointed out on the almonds. Hideous!,” wrote one concerned chocolate fan.

Alongside an image of ethically sourcing chocolate companies, ‘Mrs Veg’ tweeted: “It’s always great to see new vegan options available, but I won’t be going wild about the new vegan Cadbury’s chocolate. As with Nestlé and Mars they’ve not got the greatest ethical record. When there are so many amazing smaller vegan brands doing it better, is there any need?”

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