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09th Jun 2021

Burger King store replaces all meat with 100% vegan products

Kieran Galpin

Burger King and the kind of  Vegan Restaurant

A Burger King store has decided to go entirely vegan for the week. Between Monday June 7 and Friday 11, they will only be selling food containing zero animal products.

If just the mention of the word vegan evokes images of kale and hummus, don’t fear because they will be reimagined versions of Burger King classics. The Whopper, Chicken Royale, Nuggets, and Whopper wrap are among the products getting a plant-based makeover.

Unfortunately, this restaurant is in Germany, and that would be quite a distance to travel for a burger. Also, Germany is currently on the Amber list, so don’t be booking plane tickets unless you want to be in jail with Andrew Lloyd Webber.

The beloved high street eatery has partnered with The Vegetarian Butcher, a brand that lines the shelves of shops here in the UK. However, the food chain has mentioned that some of the products may contain cheese and mayonnaise, which ironically does not make them vegan at all.

Burger King wants everyone to “get their money’s worth,” whether they are “vegetarians, flexitarians or meat lovers.” BK also shared some news this week regarding Pride month, which they used to take a subtle dig at competitors Chick-fil-A.

In March, CEO Alasdair Murdoch said that the brand was dedicated to producing more vegan items and turning its menu towards a meat-free approach. He reported to iNews that by 2030, BK’s menu could be made up of largely meat-free products.

McDonald’s have also entered into the realm of vegetarian options, looking to expand with more McPlant menu items. Similarly, KFC has also launched their Vegan burger, which tastes pretty damn good as well.

With a race for taste underway, who will triumph as these behemoths of fast-food fight it out over falafel?