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02nd Mar 2017

Breaking Bad fans rejoice because there’s a real life Los Pollos Hermanos restaurant opening

Fancy some meth with your chicken? Breaking Bad fans would love this

Paul Moore

Tread lightly.

There are so many famous locations from TV shows that we would absolutely love to visit. For example, who wouldn’t want to have a pint in The Nag’s Head with the Trotters or have a chat with the cast of Friends at Central Perk.

Yeah, yeah, We know that they’re all fictional places and characters, but even a stint on The Wall in Game of Thrones would appeal to us.

Be honest, who would say no to being the person that gets to ‘DROP THE SCYTHE!”

Clip via – Vladimir Munćan

If these TV dreams somehow became reality, another location that we would love to visit is Breaking Bad’s most iconic restaurant, Los Pollos Hermanos.

As many of you will know, the restaurant was run by the one and only Gus Fring as a front for his meth empire.

Fans of the show will be pleased to know that to coincide with the new season of Better Call Saul – and Fring’s highly anticipated return in that show – AMC will be creating a real-life version of the beloved fried chicken restaurant in the heart of downtown Austin, Texas, in the coming weeks.

According to Austin Towers, a permit for a private party was filed with the city last week describing “a temporary 1,400 square-foot space with an A-2 occupancy classification — indicating a restaurant — that also includes a stage space for more than 500 people.”

The construction of the pop-up restaurant will coincide with the 2017 SXSW festival where Saul Goodman himself (Bob Odenkirk) will also be giving a keynote speech.

If you happen to visit this newly constructed version of Los Pollos Hermanos, we have one tip. Stay clear of any employees that might be holding a box-cutter.


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