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09th Nov 2023

Animal bars set to be discontinued after 60 years

Joseph Loftus

First they came for Caramac, now they’ve come for Animal bars

It’s the news story that just keeps getting worse.

After news emerged yesterday (November 8) that Caramac bars were set to be discontinued, now scenes of heartbreak and pandemonium are sweeping the chocolate world by storm as the news has emerged that Animal bars are the next to go.

The chocolate bar, adored by children across the nation, was originally launched back in 1963 and includes a fun game for all the family inside the wrapper.

Sadly however, Nestle have said that sales have been steadily declining for the chocolate bar and have revealed that soon they will be gone from our shelves forever.

The news comes after another day of heartbreak for chocolate lovers who wiped chocolate tears from their eyes as Pastel bakery confirmed Caramac would also be discontinued, writing: “So it’s a sad day, it’s official, there will be no more Caramac bars off the production line. It’s been cancelled so I bought as many boxes as I could!

“They should last a while (I hope) but once they are gone, there will be no more caramac eclairs! And no, caramilk or Milkybar gold are not the same!!!”

After being accused of fake news, the bakery wrote: “1. We were advised of the rumours by our wholesaler a good couple of months ago and have been hoarding stock for the official announcement, which wholesalers were given last week, so we got all we could get our hands on!

“2. You’re right, there is nothing online, but the advice also included Animal Bars too, so if you or your kids have a fondness, grab them quick too!

“3. We will most definitely get through the stock we have. We are only a wee village bakery but go through 1-2 boxes a week so confident we won’t have to get rid of any.

“4. Caramilk, Milkybar gold, Callebaut gold and other types are not the same… I’ve been eating caramac since I was a kid so I can tell the difference a mile off! Although we may need to swap to one of the others when the time finally comes.”

Nestle then confirmed the news also writing: “Unfortunately we had to withdraw Caramac from our range as sales were relatively low. It was a difficult decision for us because we’re proud of all our products and don’t like to disappoint our consumers.

“We hope you can understand why we took this decision.”

End of an era.

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