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04th Nov 2018

Coca-Cola have responded to Aldi’s very familiar looking Christmas ad

Rory Cashin


Big companies are just like you and me.

They love a good pun, a bit of Twitter banter, a bit of fun back and forth.

The only difference is they are, and always will be, richer than we could ever dream of.

That tiny thing aside, yep, we’re all exactly the same.

On 2 November, Aldi launched their Christmas ad, featuring Kevin The Carrot, in a very haven’t-we-seen-this-somewhere-before? looking truck, and the whole thing ends with Kev in a literal cliff-hanger.

Here it is, in all of its glory, in case you’ve missed it:

Well, that familiar looking truck didn’t go entirely unnoticed, and instead of throwing some (well earned) shade their way, Coca-Cola took the classy route instead, and had a bit of fun with the whole situation, which resulted in this wonderful back and forth between the two companies:

On the other plus side, it looks like now we know when the new Coca-Cola Christmas ad is coming out.