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15th Sep 2018

Aldi are now selling ‘hangover free’ prosecco for £8 online

It is thought that as it contains fewer sulphite preservatives than most sparkling wines, it won't cause such an intense hangover

Reuben Pinder

Challenge accepted

Drinking is fun. Hangovers are not. That’s a pretty universally accepted take among those who drink alcohol. You have to take the rough with the smooth, like most things in life. There’s not really any way around the hangover, other than drinking a lot of water, or being one of those lucky people who just don’t get them.

But Aldi are trying. With their new Organic Prosecco, the supermarket chain have brought out a ‘hangover free’ sparkling wine for a very reasonable £8. Due to it containing fewer sulphite preservatives than a normal bottle of bubbly, it is thought that it doesn’t cause such an intense hangover.

Sulphite preservatives are used to keep wine fresher for longer, which is great, until the day after you drink it. Apparently, they are one of the contributing factors to a sore head the day after a heavy night.

This organic bubbly is sourced from the Corvezzo family’s 150-hectare estate, 30km north-east of Venice.

No pesticides or herbicides used in the vineyard where the grapes are grown, and the grapes are also hand picked. The winery is also committed to using renewable energy wherever possible.

With Halowe’en, Bonfire night, Christmas and New Year coming up, this drink could be the way to go, especially if you’re working the day after a party.