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12th May 2023

AI creates Eurovision pizzas – and Germany’s looks banging

Jack Peat

If you’re offended by pineapple on pizza, wait until you see what the bots have done to Australia!

The Eurovision Song Contest finals will take place over this weekend with fans from across the continent descending on Liverpool to cheer on their nation.

Poland, Australia and Cyprus all qualified for the grand final after 16 countries competed on Thursday night for the 10 remaining spots in Saturday’s showdown in the northwest.

Those who won over the voting public also included Albania, Estonia, Belgium and Austria. Lithuania, Armenia and Slovenia were also voted through.

None of the bookies’ favourites performed during Thursday night’s knock-out round, but a number of eye-catching acts still featured.

Belgium with Gustaph performed Because Of You, a house music-flavoured dance track featuring euphoric piano stabs, while viral TikTok duo Teya And Salena, the first female pairing to compete for Austria, performed their quirky dance-pop track Who The Hell Is Edgar?

In anticipation of the event, Domino’s set AI system MidJourney to work, curating completely unedited Eurovision-inspired pizza toppings for The Big Five countries and a few other nations.

Passing the reigns to AI, pizzas generated varied from a (somewhat deliciously looking) Roast Dinner, to a Carbonara and clam and prawn loaded Paella pizza.

Signature dishes were also generated for host nation Ukraine in the form of Chicken Kyiv pizza, and Australia, to see what the country that has competed in the competition since 2015 – to everyone’s bewilderment – would serve up… and it’s Fairy Bread pizza?! A country and party staple of bread spread with margarine and covered in hundreds and thousands.

Sam Wilson, AI mastermind at Domino’s says, “Pizza brings everyone together, just like Eurovision, so we challenged AI to generate the perfect pizza for each nation. It’s no surprise the classic Sunday Roast was Britain’s pizza of choice, but we didn’t expect Fairy Bread for Australia! We’re rooting for Mae Muller this weekend and look forward to seeing her waving the flag for the UK – but we won’t be giving AI a role in our kitchen just yet!”

Eurovision pizzas:

  1. UK – Beef roast dinner, presented with potatoes on a bed of gravy, covered in horseradish sauce
  1. France – Coq au Vin braised chicken, with diced potatoes and rosemary garnish
  2. Germany – Bratwurst sausage loaded over chips, drizzled with ketchup and mayonnaise
  1. Italy – Carbonara pasta, bordered with pepperoni slices
  2. Spain – Paella with clams and prawns – finished with a sprinkle of spring onions
  3. Sweden – Fish with sliced tomatoes, chopped radishes and onions
  4. Ukraine – Chicken Kyiv, dressed with lemon and dill
  1. Australia – Fairy Bread, an old-fashioned Australian snack made from white bread, butter and ‘hundreds and thousands’ sprinkles

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