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23rd Jul 2015

Women rank the eight most important things that make up a beautiful penis


Does size matter? Not really as it turns out.

It’s not something you necessarily want to bring up at the dinner table with your parents, but the subject of the male penis will always raise interest, amongst men and women alike.

So much interest in fact, that the University of Zurich went to the bother of publishing a study based around the question ‘What is a beautiful penis?

For the purposes of the study, a group of 105 women, aged between 16 and 45, were asked to rank the importance of various factors in relation to a man’s crown jewels.


The women in question were shown a number of penises and asked to rank everything from girth to the appearance of pubic hair in order of importance, while also commenting on whether they thought the penises were normal or not.

Pay careful attention to the rankings below lads; it could make a serious difference to your sex lives… or lack thereof.

1. Importance of general cosmetic appearance
2. Importance of appearance of pubic hair
3. Importance of penile skin
4. Importance of penile girth
5. Importance of shape of glans
6. Importance of penile length
7. Importance of appearance of scrotum
8. Importance of position and shape of meatus (urethra)

Hat-tip to Mashable