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03rd Jun 2017

Turns out First Dates’ Fred Sirieix is ripped as hell underneath that blue suit

FFS. Look at the state of him


He could double-up as a bouncer.

If you’ve been living under a rock, or don’t own a telly, and therefore aren’t aware of Channel 4’s addictive First Dates, the basic premise is that hopeful singleton’s meet for the first time during a televised ‘date’ at a restaurant in front of the television cameras.

It may not sound all that groundbreaking, but it’s fascinating to watch couples either hit it off and find love (at best), or partake in the most cringeworthy meal of their lives (also the best).

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The staff who work at the First Dates restaurant have kinda become celebrities in their own right, and none more so than French Maître d’ Fred Sirieix, who welcomes guests to their date with (hopefully) someone special.

Indeed many viewers find him quite dishy in his own right, with his good looks and gallic charm. But you not be aware that Fred is something of an Adonis under his famous blue suit. The 46-year-old is a fitness and loves nothing more than getting in the ring and sparring with his trainer.

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“I love boxing, I really love it – what a sport. It’s got everything. It’s about the physical fitness, but also your mental fitness,” explains the telly star.

Not only does he try to squeeze in 30 minutes of boxing each day, but Sirieix is a keen runner, cycles to work each day and completes 300 press-ups every morning. As you can see below, the results speak for themselves…