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20th Aug 2015

This common problem could be killing your sex drive, a new study found…

We never knew...


Working too hard could be causing you to under-perform in the bedroom according to a new study.

Low sex drive or erectile dysfunction could be a sign you’re too stressed, this latest research shows.


Stress has become a part of our everyday lives but it’s important to remember to take some time to unwind at the end of a busy day.

The research – which appeared in the journal Neuron – show what stress is actually doing to your body.

Breathing: Stress can quicken breathing, trigger asthma and panic attacks in susceptible people

Sexuality: Stress is a common cause of erectile dysfunction and low libido

Self-control: Stress can impact on part of the body linked to self control which can lead to poor dietary choices.

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Liver: Stress causes the liver to produce extra glucose which can increase type 2 diabetes

Muscles: Under stress a persons muscles tense up. A constant state of tension can lead to shoulder and back pain as well as headaches

Stomach: Too much stress can lead to nausea which can lead to ulcers or severe pain.

Heart: There is a risk of heart problems such as high blood pressure and cholesterol increase