The Mountain smashed the keg toss record at the World's Strongest Man competition 4 years ago

The Mountain smashed the keg toss record at the World's Strongest Man competition

They don't call him The Mountain for nothing.

Game of Thrones star Hafthor Bjornsson is proving to be an immovable object in his quest to win World's Strongest Man for the first time.


The 6ft 9in Icelandic monster is already a two-time Europe's Strongest Man, although he missed out on a hat trick of continental crowns to English strongman Lawrence Shahlaei.

But he is rampaging through the group stages at World's Strongest Man 2016 which is being held out in Botswana.

He absolutely beasted the Loading Medley on Day 1 of the competition, which involved sprinting down a track with some huge barrels in the baking African heat.

Then the 400lb Icelander won the Fingal's Finger event, lifting all five poles in 44.47 seconds, putting him in a commanding lead at the top of Group 3 above Britain's Terry Hollands.


Day 3 saw him score a disappointing result in the car deadlift, managing six reps which was was only good enough for third place in that event.

But there was no hangover in the keg toss, as the current record holder came back in emphatic fashion to smash his own lifetime best in the event.


Nobody else came close to Thor's incredible 7.15m throw of the 15kg keg over the high bar. The explosive power on the man is incredible.

The actor who plays Gregor Clegane in GoT is looking a very strong contender for the title which has so far eluded him with just the dumbbell press and the Atlas Stones to go.

But he's going to have to pull off a mammoth effort to top the giant American and 2015 champion Brian Shaw who has three wins and a second place so far in this year's competition.

British strongman and world deadlift champion Eddie Hall sits in second place behind Poland's Gregorz Szymanski after four events.