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06th Oct 2015

This expert has some reassuring news about your penis size

What's average?

His name is Gordon Muir and he’s a Consultant Urologist at King’s College Hospital. And he knows a thing or two about penises (penii?).

Muir and his colleagues at King’s sought to create a nomogram of male penis size measurements across all ages and races. They amalgamated 17 studies including 15,521 dick measurements.

The research shows that the average penis is 3.6 inches long when flaccid, and 5.16 inches long when hard. Many men still assume that the size of the average knob is over 6 inches, and as such, feel insecure about the length of their own rod.

The findings are published in BJU International (the journal of the British Association of Urological Surgeons), and it is hoped they will help stop men fretting over what they perceive as their tiny todgers.

So rest assured – and be more cock-sure in future…