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19th Aug 2015

Millions of British smokers could all be about to get free E-cigarettes…

This could change everything...

Ben Kenyon

Smoking is getting damned expensive these days…it wont be long before it’s £10 a pack.

But the ridiculous cost of cigarettes is the least of our worries, with smoking killing 80,000 Brits a year and costing the National Health Service untold billions.

This latest news might come as a surprise to some people – but we could soon get electronic cigarettes available on the NHS.

That’s right, Government health chiefs believe E-cigs could help an entire generation of smokers kick the habit (and presumably become addicted to vaping instead).

Tobacco companies are probably panicking right now.

smoking animated GIF

A cloud (pun intended) has hung over E-cigs for several years about their safety, but a huge review into the technology found they were 95% safer than good old-fashioned woodbines.

There’s no more toxins than we would take in in the air (unless you live in London, presumably).

Around four million of Britain’s eight million smokers could be entitled to free E-cigarettes to help them stub out the cigs for good, helping prevent thousands of deaths a year.

H/T Mirror