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02nd Apr 2015

10 inspiring videos of disabled CrossFit athlete who snapped his spine bossing the gym

You will never need gym motivation ever again....

Ben Kenyon

We all need some gym motivation from time to time.

Heck, even the muscle-bound gods at JOE need an occasional kick up the a*se (read: every day)

Well look no further. This is CrossFit athlete Kevin Ogar who snapped his spine in a horrific gym accident snatching a barbell (Don’t click the link if you’re feint of heart).

Ogar is paralyzed from the waist down – but he’s still an absolute monster at CrossFit.

He is back hitting moves like strict muscle-ups, handstand push-ups that the JOE team can only dream of doing.

We put together some Instagram videos of Ogar in action that cannot fail to motivate you….

Here’s Ogar hitting some strict handstand push-ups.

Ogar smashes a personal best strict press of 90kg in his wheelchair…

Being in a wheelchair did not stop him from smashing the CrossFit Games Open 2015 either.

Here is Ogar hitting an adapted 15.1 workout which included raises, kettlebell deadlifts and clean and presses

Ogar needs to work on the top portion of his bench press. No problem. Here he is hitting some heavy floor presses on the barbell…

He even has a workout named after him. It’s called ‘Ogar’, obviously, and it looks badass (It’s max rounds of 3 power snatches, 1 muscle-up and 12 wall ball shots in 14 minutes, if you want to give it a try).

Here’s the man himself hitting it…

Ogar on the weighted sled drag

Ogar just showing off his arm strength climbing a rope in his wheelchair…

This is a pretty cool adapted rowing machine…

The fantastic moment Ogar hits his first muscle-up since his accident.

And then just blitzing a few pull-ups for good measure…

And finally, everyone likes to impress a friend with their lifting. Ogar just presses his friend instead…

What an absolute legend.

If that doesn’t spur you on to squeeze a few more reps out on the bench press tonight, nothing will.

H/T: Kevin OgarCrossFit